Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai October 2 2020 Written Updates: yrhpk Today Episode

Yeh Rishta hai pyar Ke 2 October 2020 Written Updates

In today’s episode you will see when Parola asks Mitti if she has a word to say because she is angry with me that’s why she went to a party with friends. This is how Misty tells that Kuhu sent her is.

It is similar that Kunal and Abir argue with each other about Mishti. Kunal accuses Kunal of being irresponsible and says that because of its behavior, God has taken away her right to be a mother. Hearing these things, Abir stands up. Where Misty also comes and tells Kuhu to tell the truth. Let the vision tell April to come with you, in this way Kunal will regret it

Mishti teacher comes and decides that we have to take care of Kuhu for the sake of our child. Likewise, I am happy to hear that Kunal is also on her side and wants to ruin the chemistry. Seeing Kunal and Abir’s fight Parul prays to God and tells them not to do anything so that Kunal and Kunal can get together again.
Similarly in the morning you will see that Abir gives encouragement to Mishti. Inder Kabu molests Kunal. Misty then tells Kahu to stay away until delivery. Misty cries for this, Parval gives Misty a boost. Kunal and Ka Ho spend time with each other and dream.
Next you will see that Misty seems very upset Abir thinks about making Mishti happy. In the same way Veer sends Misty’s picture, Misty decides to fight back for her rights. So he says that we are just putting away Kuhu for our child.

On the other side you will see that Kuhu cooks for Misty. Nidhi tells them that Mistry has prepared food for you. She refuses to eat food, Misty gets very upset for this and that is how the episode ends.

In tomorrow’s episode you will see that Vishmbhar
And Rajshree checks Mishri.