Yeh Rishta hai pyar Ke 13 October 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishta hai pyar Ke Today’s episode begins with loved ones when she starts saying that she will arrive at the safe house. He feels that someone can help him in his search. So, she tries a lot to get a lift from anyone but nobody helps her. Kuhu decides to go home alone. On the other hand Kunal worries about Kuhu. Similarly, you will see that he sees Kuhu’s broken car and mobile. At the same time, Kunal informs Abir about this. Kunal gets a lot of news but just tells him that you don’t worry because I will find Kuhu. Parul prays to God to send Kuhu safely.

Meenakshi also asks the inspector to start searching for Kaho. In the same way, Meenakshi asks to inform in the NGO just stop, in the same way, she can help them find Kuhu.

In the meantime, you will see that Kuhu reaches a safe house, but she faints there. Nidhi tells Varsha that right now asks Nidhi why she is bothering them. This religion takes the steam mobile and encourages Varsha that I will find Kuhu soon. Rain starts crying, for Kuhu ..

Gets worried and thinks that where i am but no one knows about me. She calls Kunal but Kunal goes inside the house. In the same way, Meenakshi and Parul pray to God that they meet soon. Similarly, news comes on seeing Nidhi Diya. Meenakshi says that nothing has happened. He started trying to make the lamp shine again. Meenakshi Abir and all the family members help her burn the lamp.

Yuvraj Manch had prayed for Kuhu, Lord Krishna’s wing flies off and Meenakshi starts to see Kahu. When Kuhu meets her, she arrives at the hospital. Fearing shows that the Guru’s position is not good at all.

Abir goes to Mishti and asks him if he is okay now. Mishti asks Abir that he is fine. In the same way, both see Meenakshi and Varsha together. Varsha is very worried about Kuku.

Today you will see that if the dress made for the child shows. Then Mishti hugs Abir. Similarly, Kunal watches the video of Kapoor and encouraged Kunal not Abir and Misty. Similarly, Kunal says from the soil that Ko always wanted to win her and today she has won.

After this you will see that between the doctor and the child informing the family whether she will be able to survive or not, Kunal Mister others are left shocked and the episode ends.

Yeh Rishta hai pyar Ke In the following episodes you will be shown that Kuhu is powered.