Yeh Rishta hai pyar Ke 13 October 2020 Written update

Yeh Rishta hai pyar Ke 13 October 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode is being discussed about Mishti and starts from there. Jasmeet says that Misty never cared for Kuhu and she was celebrating in his absence. Varsha says that Misty and Abir are not mistaken for this. Janal says that Kunal is also not wrong, but she still has priority, that is why she does not want Kuhu to return home. Similarly, Kuhu comes there and tries to convince Sumit and Varsha that she loves Kunal very much and can never leave him. She pretends to be deteriorating her health. Jaisalmer and Varsha bring water for him. In between, you will see that Kuhu takes away his mobile.

On the other hand, Nidhi is happy to see lunch. Similarly, Kunal decides to bring agar here. Giving Misty a brave message, she says that she is not hungry, she will have food later. Kunal tells Meenakshi and Misty to feed him. Meenakshi says that she knows that Abir is very angry with her but she will not prove to him that he has changed for the better. Wait now, Misty tells that she is going to bring Kuhu back with the nose and Kunal. Abir is surprised that Meenakshi also wants to bring Kuhu back in the house.

Next you will see that Jasmeet wants to know about Neely Kunal and Kuhu in his mobile. But Nidhi’s voice does not reach anything. Didi does not know that he is calling me but Varsha comes to know that I am calling Nidhi. Next you will see HD Kunal Misty and Meenakshi come to take Kuhu. If you start telling that you have left your house because he stopped her to meet Kunal.

Next you will see that Misty seeks Kuhu. Misty apologizes to Varsha for her past wrong behavior. Kunal says to Varsha that if she does not want any excuse from him then it is fine. Meanwhile, you will see that Varsha, Meenakshi, Misty and Kunal tell that Kuhu has come back to the dynasty’s house again. In the same way, all three become happy and celebrate. On the other hand, Parul is showing clothes to Nidhi which he had made for Meeshbir’s child. Nidhi says that the clothes have been made, so they are old fashioned. Mary comes to you there too and likes clothes.

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On the other hand, you will see that Kuhu’s car stops in the middle of the road. Then she gets out of the car and rams on the bar bench and then her health deteriorates. Kuku tells her not to worry about the child, which she will not let anything happen to her.

Meenakshi, Inder Kunal and Misty come to the house and ask who is Nidhi Parol saying right now. Kuhu is not here, he is missing from home. Similarly, now, Kunal will be asked to trace Kuhu’s mobile. Similarly, Kunal goes to find Kuhu. This is how the episode ends.