Today’s episode begins with Misty and Abir when Abir asks the driver to drive the car, Miss Teacher starts thinking that she tries to tell Meenakshi that he becomes a love charge but she is ready to understand him. Is not. Meenakshi runs behind Vishambhar’s car. You will see that Meenakshi from the internet says stop the car, Meenakshi is going to hit a truck. But right now, Meenakshi begs Abir and Misty to come back. She tells him that she has now learned what is important to the family. Many apologize Misty says that she planned to do the play so that everyone realizes that love adds to the relationship. Money will not look the same way. Meenakshi says that she wants both Phir and Kunal with her because she wants them Want to make yours It says that she is actually his culprit. Abhir tries to convince Meenakshi.

Next you will see that Meenakshi tells Vishambhar whether or not he stays with her but that his blessings will always be with her. Nidhi tells her that as long as everything is fine then why are they asking Meenakshi and Abir not to leave? That told them that she is not going anywhere, their child will be born in the family.

Abir says that no one can do good drama except Meenakshi. Meenakshi says that I will solve this matter on my own, she does not need anyone.

On the other side you will see that Kuhu asks whom to help and because she wants to go back to Kunal. He says that Mishti went out of the house and thus she could rule the dynasty. You will see that for some time, whatever Jasmeet says, Kuhu decides to kill him. Jasmeet first checks the form and thinks whether he has left Misty and Abir yet.

Today you will see today, now asks Kunal to open the box, Sonakshi asks Abir what he wants to eat for lunch. If she tells him that there is nothing special today, Meenakshi decides to cook good food for both Kunal and Abir. Kunal and Misty decide to calm down Abir.

Both of these still console both of them and say that the dynasty dances. You will see that Nidhi shows Kahun about the celebration on video call. Take the mobile for years. Kuhu feels that I am good with you and if Varsha had not taken her mobile from her, she would have taken her picture.

You will see that I do not like to dance right now. Meenakshi gets upset seeing this behavior of Aamir. Similarly, Meenakshi discusses her plan, comes to Bill and tells him that he does not want to leave her with his plan on her that he is very angry.

On the other hand, you will see that Parul apologizes to Meenakshi, Parul starts to shed tears, Meenakshi hugs him, now Road Misty is watching him from a distance, now Meenakshi starts to tell that Meenakshi is doing all this drama. And she says that whenever she gets a chance she will do everything she wants to do, she says that he will break the house in 1 day. Misty stands there, thus ending the episode.