You will see that initially she gets shocked by seeing family members around her. Then we see that I see the forest around me and nothing is understandable to those people. Then we see that the light gives around me and realizes that it is the night of this bright sun Raveena suddenly brass brass Dwarka After seeing the film,

Raveena asks Roshni to come with her and Roshni is absolutely terrified. After that Ravindra is trying to intimidate her by showing her all her powers and life with him and Roshni is stunned after seeing all this and her eyesight is happening and she tells Raveena that I am coming with you, she is about to come with him when suddenly Aman asks Raveena about Armaan.

So he says that you told us to give back Armaan in exchange for the lights but tell us where he is, so we are ready to give you our lights but first you hand over the Armaan to us. Is telling her to go with her and she graciously summons him to her and then we see that Roshni hugs Amar with a cucumber hug And asks Salma to take full care of Armaan and to move forward.

After that Rubina Jae says that finally you have to do what I want, then Roshni absolutely refuses to go with her in the first place and says that I have changed my call to come with me. Then we see that Thank you to God and my parents for helping me see my future.

Yeh jadu hai jin ka 14 November 2020 written update

After that we see that it says I know what you are going to do, so I have completely changed your job and that Do not ask the family to be afraid of Raveena as she will not be able to do anything to them. Then we give that Aman comes to a hill and is using his magic to put an eclipse on the golden sun so that he can take Ruby out Then we see that Aman has caught Saya Jin,

but Armaan helps Aman and he successfully escapes from her clutches. Then we see that Tere Bina has absolutely refused to give her the ring and She tells Roshni that she will not allow her parents to give them the ring without any proof and she also says how the suspicion of Joe Ring Can also use methods.

Then we see that Raveena smiles with victory when she sees that the light is no longer with her and she becomes very angry again. After that we see that Roshni meets Aman but she is unable to move and cannot speak at all. After that Raveena comes there and says that I have given her a fridge and she is now shaken Then we see that she says that now it will remain as a stone idol and will not even be able to feed its hands and feet. She is laughing after speaking all this.