Next you see Roshni brings Aman to a dark place and Roshni doesn’t quite understand why he has come here, Aman says that maybe he wants us to see anything about Raveena. Then we suddenly see Roshni and Aman hear Rohan’s laugh.

The film sees his Roshni and Aman finally go to investigate and notice that Rohan and Shayari are constantly laughing. Mr. Raman He tries to ask her why he is laughing so loudly like a maniac?

So Shayari and Rohan tell him very hard that Raveena has cast a spell of laughter on him and he is not able to stop the laughter. If he keeps on laughing, he will die like this. We have to separate them first, on the other hand, Raveena is happy thinking that Rohan and Shayari are going to die soon.

Then we see that Aman is beating Rohan so intensely and Roman finally stops laughing so much. Roman is asking Aman to stop beating him and asks if you should have enjoyed this Then Aman used to tell her that I could not see her doing this but now I am laughing thinking about it. Then we see your light is trying to annoy Shayari but she cannot stop laughing and Roshni thinks to make her emotional and sad.

Yeh jadu hai jin ka 12 November 2020 Written Updates

She says something in Shayari’s ear. She gets emotional and Roshni starts asking her and her laughter also stops immediately. Then we see that Raveena thinks something every time This is how members of the Khan family get away with plotting and plotting and not once is he able to do anything for them.