Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 4rd Sep 2020 Written Update

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka episode begins when Aman is trying to open a magic lamp but is unable to open it even with the use of his magic wand.

Similarly, suddenly Armaan starts crying and Anjum asks Roshni to take Roshni inside because she is feeling very upset and tired. Roshni too agrees and goes inside the room and takes them with her when Rubina asks Aman to light a magic lamp in front of her eyes and nowhere else because we believe it at all. No or can be opened at any time

Similarly, try to turn off Roshni Armaan. It is right. The mind says that I think Jin is playing some game with us but she starts saying why you have brought that separation inside our room. I don’t want to. I wish that our children are going to meet Shayari and Rehan

Rehan starts saying about Shayari that no one can see that you can be a hunter, Shayari starts saying that no one can say that you are a rude and angry person. Likewise, Shayari goes to see her guru and comes back and informs Rihan that she does not know his name but he told me that I could not be that easy.

When Roshni tries to turn Armaan off, his shadow deteriorates and Gaya goes to pick up the tissue paper by laying you on the bed and he suddenly realizes that the Armaan bastard has disappeared too much. Comes and suddenly hears of an old woman singing a lullaby

All goes well to her, she tells me that I am an old lady, I can do everything with you but you cannot feed me harm or ask them to eat something.

Similarly Anjum is preparing food for Chunmun but we find that the whole dining table is buried with spider webs.

In the same way, those who take the name of Shayari and get a message get entangled to go further about this message. Aman tries to correct the situation when Roshni gets angry with the German.

Roshni shares something with age. I am a very strange woman and she makes strange sounds. Aman and Roshni suspect her existence and also to explore her weakness as a part of the first challenge. Let’s decide that is how today’s episode ends here.