Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 3rd Sep 2020 Written Episode:- today episode is the magic of which I will show you that as Aman and Roshni are moving forward for 5 minutes there is a land and the voices of the people of the house start coming and they start saying that there is only 5 minutes left quickly you People come out and all the family members start falling there.

On the other hand we see that dark days come and the house starts wreaking havoc. Aman and Roshni Saif Ali come out and Rihan asks Shayari why this. Hua shayari starts saying that I don’t know, then you see that Aman says that Junaid made this deal, I will complete it, I will come with you people, Roshni says no, you take me, black day, I think you People have found both Jin and Aya Na in their children.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 3rd Sep 2020 Written Episode

Kalaji Na starts living a life of peace and light and also imposes a condition on his children and asks them to know his name.
I will give you three lamps and people will face all three lamps you will face three problems and then you will have to find my name can you guys do all this and with peace and light you guys agree See how he goes from there and is approaching a given light.

On the other hand you see that all the people start thinking together how all this will happen then Daddy says Aman you didn’t do it right then Roshni starts saying now you guys don’t discuss this now we have to face what is going to happen This is how we have to overcome these three challenges. Roshni says that what will happen tomorrow will happen. We can’t spoil you because of tomorrow and she says why don’t we take all the preparations for naming the child. This is done so that everyone dances and sings. In this way the name of Roshni and Aman’s child is given to Arman. You give a lamp to the house.

I try to reveal it but he Fails even though he uses his powers yet he fails then you see that both Rihanna and Shayari go on a mission