Next let us see that Roshni says that there is only 3 minutes left for the golden sunset. After that so busy reaches them and tells them that she can kill them in 3 minutes then she says It is said that she also urges Rishto to give her heart, after that the family reaches there, then we see that then Jee says that she will kill them with her sister-in-law’s ring.

Fupi then reminds her that she is not wearing the ring at all. Then we see that she is shocked by seeing her ring disappear and she thinks where my duty has gone. Then we see that Roshni Jae says that she has a ring in her hand and her mother has taught her a way to protect it.

Then she makes more solar eclipse than the Sun with the power of Narendra. And seeing the incident, Vegeta is making me scream and the guards even apologize to Roshni for misunderstanding her still and Roshni and scolding the sister and not like the heart. Then now she sees Yajibi in chains They grab and disappear from there with their jewelery and necklace and they will never bother them again.

Roshni’s family seems happier and says that it has all ended well. Shayari then congratulates Lohan and Aman asks her to stop her play, after which Shayari expresses her love with Rohal and hugs him. And on the other hand Aman thanks Roshni for supporting her in everything and asks where Puri’s heart has gone.

Then she says she doesn’t know but her heart beats for her and makes the show enjoyable Revealing the end, the family also embraces each other. Arijit Ram sees that all the people become very happy because he has won and he celebrates and hugs each other.