Rubina meets Amar while running away in the episode. Amar asks Roshni about him and says that tell me what has happened and Roshni tells him everything. Amar tells Roshni that I have lost my powers. Roshni tells Amar that she is trying to run away from Rubina. Similarly Roshni tells her that she had been waiting for this day for 200 years to come.

Many try to take her heart but she cannot take her heart. Because their love is trapped by another Jinnah and they have trapped Shayari and Rehan in their web. Similarly, Shayari is also trying to get rid of the web in some way.

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Comes to IMO and apologizes to Roshni and takes Meena with her. All the family members gather together again and Rehan and Shayari agree about each other’s feelings. This episode has a difference with Roshni and Amar.