Episode starts offevolved with Preesha thinks to speak to Rudraksh approximately Sharda. She sees Saaransh gambling video video games with Rudraksh and tells him to doze off announcing he has lessons tomorrow. He pleads her to allow him play for 10minutes. She says it’s already overdue and he ought to cross for sleep now. Rudraksh takes Saaransh’s aspect announcing he finished his homework so that they won’t prevent the sport now. Preesha movements to the couch and waits for them to finish the sport and sleeps there itself. Saaransh asks Rudraksh that why he’s loud night breathing.

Rudraksh receives harassed however concentrates on the sport. Saaransh notices that it’s Preesha who’s loud night breathing even as slumbering and indicates that to Rudraksh and says due to Rudraksh, Preesha slept here. Rudraksh says it took place due to the fact Saaransh desired to play now he’s blaming him. Saaransh says it’s their mistake and tells him to choose her and take her to her room. Rudraksh shocks listening to him and asks why he ought to choose her.

Saaransh tells him to now no longer make noise due to the fact it could disturb her sleep, and he can’t choose her that’s why Rudraksh has to and drags him in the direction of her. Rudraksh alternatives her and movements in the direction of her room, he recollects the glad moments he shared together along with her he changed into approximately to put her at the mattress however stops whilst Saaransh stated Yuvraj calling, seeing Preesha’s cell. He drops her. She shouts in ache and asks whats happening.

Saaransh says she changed into slumbering and that they didn’t desired disturb her sleep that’s why Rudraksh picked her however don’t recognize why he dropped her suddenly. She seems at Rudraksh. Saaransh asks him why he dropped her. Rudraksh lies to him announcing it took place through mistake and it’s appropriate for her only, due to the fact now she will be able to speak to Yuvraj and indicates her cell to her. He leaves from there after giving the cell to her. She tells Saaransh to sleep and thinks whilst she can be able to cast off Yuvraj and the way she can be able to make Rudraksh apprehend that she doesn’t have any dating with Yuvraj. Read More……….