Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2021 Written Update:

Scene starts with Sharda opens the storage and stuns seeing money missing. She thinks a week ago just she saw in excess of 2 crore cash in the storage then who might have took the money. She says to Preesha that there is no money in the storage and now just Sulochana can come clean. Preesha gets some information about cash. Sulochana thinks she just took the money and spend it everything. Preesha says it’s 2 crore and requests that she say something. Sulochana says to Preesha that she took the money and offered it to her companion. Ahana asks Sulochana that what is she saying. Sulochana says her companion required cash so when her companion asked help, she was unable to deny her.

Sharda says 2 crore is definitely not a limited quantity and inquires as to why Sulochana didn’t educate anybody about this. Sulochana says she needed to advise them. Preesha asks now how they will save Rudraksh. Sulochana says assuming Rudraksh was here, he would have gotten her. Ahana upholds Sulochana and says Preesha getting into mischief with Sulochana. She requests that Sharda stop Preesha. Preesha says she would prefer not to discuss this matter now since they don’t possess energy for this. She says she needs to organize 2 crore and assuming anything happens to Rudraksh in view of 2 crore, she will not have the option to excuse herself.


Sulochana says she is Rudraksh’s mom she thinks often about Rudraksh more than anybody and leaves from that point. Kabir and Ahana follows her. Sharda asks Preesha that how they will orchestrate 2 crore now. Preesha says they needs to mastermind it regardless. Kabir acclaims Sulochana’s falsehood. Ahana requests that they come clean. Sulochana says they had obligation. Ahana hollers at them. CC calls Kabir and Ahana grabs the versatile from Kabir and put it on speaker. CC asks did Khurana’s orchestrated the money.


Kabir says to CC that he will converse with him later. CC says it was Kabir’s plan to grab Rudraksh and he need to converse with him. Kabir says Khurana’s orchestrating the money and detaches the call. Ahana holds the neckline of Kabir’s shirt and asks how might he do this. Kabir says Chennai Doctor knows his fact so they needed to grab Rudraksh. Ahana says they are completely answerable for this and leaves from that point. Sharda and Preesha chooses to sell their gems. Kabir catches their discussion. Read more……


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