Yeh hai Chahatein 7 February 2021 Written Update

Sharda discloses to Balraj that Rudraksh can’t accomplish something like this and says there should be some explanation for his conduct. Mahima affects Balraj against Rudraksh and apologize to him for the benefit of Rudraksh. Balraj says he can’t believe Rudraksh so he will change his will by conversing with his legal counselor. Mahima gets upbeat and thinks this is the thing that she needed, on the off chance that he moved everything on Saaransh’s name, at that point she will get anything. Saaransh cries reviewing everything. Preesha calls Saaransh. He cries and before he says anything Mahima grabs the portable from him.

Balraj meets his legal counselor. Rudraksh turns out to be new MD. Preesha stuns seeing hurted Balraj.



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