Yeh Hai Chahatein second November 2020 Rahul calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj acts and inquires as to whether Neerja is fine, he can’t accept she is in trance like state. Rahul says Neerja is recuperating a direct result of Preesha, Preesha spared Neerja’s life twice and he is feeling remorseful that he pained Preesha and made contrasts among her and Rudra, so he will educate Preesha everything and apologize her as he doesn’t need Neerja more to endure due to his wrongdoings. Yuvraj thinks if Neerja gets cognizant, he will be in a difficult situation; he says its a smart thought and when is he advising Preesha. Rahul says in some time as Preesha is coming to medical clinic to meet Neerja. Yuvraj says he will likewise come there.

At home, Mishka asks Ahana for what valid reason didn’t she got Rudra out of school for drinking in class, it was a decent possibility. Ahana says due to Mishka Balraj and Rudra are irate on her and she wnats to win their trust back. Mishka says she is demonstrated honest, so there is no requirement for that. Ahana gets inn administrator’s message with CCTV film. She checks film and discovers its old one, asks chief where is new one as others additionally went on porch after Rudra descended. Chief says he will discover.

Preesha carries Rudra to Neerja’s room and says she came to meet Neerja the previous evening. She addresses Neerja who is in trance state and requests that her disclose to Rudra that she came to meet her, yet Rudra is questioning her. Screen signals. Preesha says this implies Yuvraj strolls in and plays with her. Rudra shouts at Preesha that her planning isn’t right, she discovered this spot to meet her beau now. Preesha attempts to clarify, however he keeps questioning her character and leaaves. Preesha faces Yuvraj who says he was tricking her. She inquires as to for what reason did he lie Rudra that she was with him the previous evening while she was with Neerja. He says Rudra had made up him mind, so he just appreciated and when he considered illuminating him truth, he detached call. Preesha leaves raging. Rahul says he will illuminate Rudra that Preesha is guiltless and will show him genuine video. Yuvraj gets strained and says he shouldn’t, else Rudra will demolish his profession. Rahul says it is in a way that is better than losing life and he can’t see Neerja languishing.

Police re-visitation of Khurana house once more, and examiner says they have to take entire family’s DNA test as they discovered offender’s tissue tests in Kirti’s nails. Balraj overcompensates, yet concedes to Rudra’s recommendation. Lab tech takes everybody’s DNA tests. Sharda falters, yet gives test on Preesha’s scrutinizing. During supper, Balraj addresses legal advisor and vapor. Ahana requests that he quiet down as Harish would have acknowledged he can sit idle. Preesha says great they gave DNA test and will be demonstrated blameless. She gets some information about Sharda, strolls to her room and thumps entryway. Sharda sits in her room strained. Worker educates that Sharda advised she is resting and not to upset. Preesha figures she will check maa toward the beginning of the day. Sharda cries thinking how to fix things.


Yeh Hai Chahatein third November 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha discovers Sharda missing during breakfast and asks Balraj where is she. He says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Preesha hears somebody crying in Sharda’s room and strolls there. Sharda says her DNA will coordinate with tissue tests found in Kirti Jain’s nails.