Sharda says this is her home and she won’t go from here or let Preesha go. Sulochana says this is her home first and Rudra is her child, Sharda just got him up. Preesha cautions her to quit acting up with Sulochana.

Sulochana keeps hollering. Preesha asks Sharda not to trouble as Rudra is thinking about her wrong and as normal will understand his slip-up later, at that point she will take her choice. She leaves while Sulochana smiles.

Sonia discloses to Rudra that she realizes he cherishes Preesha and can’t disappear from her. Saransh inquires as to whether they are heading off to some place. She says to her parent’s home. Sulochana indoctrinates Sonia to incite Rudra against Preesha in the event that she needs Rudra in her life.