Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Preesha asks Police assessor to permit her to meet Rudraksh. He requests that she sign on the report to drop the unique legitimate notification then no one but she can meet him.She signs and runs towards Rudraksh. She checks the pills Rudraksh devoured and says it’s perilous one so they should take him to emergency clinic and advises them to call rescue vehicle.

Police investigator requests what’s the need from it. She blows up and says on the off chance that they deferred, at that point she will record argument against them.In emergency vehicle, Rudraksh recovers his awareness and requests that Preesha not leave him else he will pass on and requests that she guarantee him by holding her hand. She says they will discuss it later and advises him to take rest.


Afterward, Police assessor asks Preesha that for what valid reason she carried Rudraksh to activity theater rather than crisis ward.She says she is Doctor not him so she understands what she is doing and attempts to eliminate the pills from Rudraksh’s stomach. Rudraksh gets apprehensive and stops her and advises her to attempt another strategy however she was inflexible to not listen him. At that point he gets up out of nowhere and says he didn’t devour dozing pills since it was simply calcium pills. She says she realizes that generally after all she is Doctor and says she additionally realizes that Police controller is with Rudraksh in this and reproves Rudraksh.


He says he didn’t had some other decision since he needed to meet her. He says Police comprehended his agony that is the reason he caused him in his arrangement. She says he swindled her again and requests that he not recurrent it again and leaves from that point. He expresses gratitude toward Police auditor for aiding him.Yuvraj meets Mahima and commendations her truism she decimated Rudraksh’s life simply like that and he continue to run behind Preesha yet she isn’t in any event, permitting him to contact her and asks how she did that. She won’t reveal to him anything about it saying it’s her mystery. She says it’s an ideal opportunity to excute her next arrangement.

He asks what’s her next arrangement. She says Rudraksh and Preesha’s relationship completed as of now and her next arrangement will devastate Khurana’s totally. Gopal gets some information about Rudraksh. She says he lied about self destruction to meet her and reveals to him everything. Yuvraj catches their discussion. Gopal asks she will do now. She says he can’t re-visitation of her life regardless.


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