Yeh Hai Chahatein 27 January 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Rudraksh says he is prepared acknowledge any discipline however he can’t avoid her. Yuvraj and Rudraksh battles with one another and Police comes there. Preesha reveals to Police reviewer that Rudraksh alarming her and now in any event, battling with her better half and solicitations him to take Rudraksh from that point. Police auditor orders Constables to capture Rudraksh. Rudraksh says she is fouling up by not trusting him and requests that she trust him.

Balraj asks Police auditor that for what valid reason he is capturing Rudraksh. Police reviewer says Preesha gave protest against Rudraksh that is the reason and Rudraksh overstep law by coming here. Balraj says his child won’t come here again however Police investigator disregards him. Sharda argues Preesha to prevent Police from capturing Rudraksh. Preesha says he is continue to do dramatization. Sharda requests that she allow to him. Preesha says he broke her trust and now she can’t confide in him again and says Sharda can’t envision what she is experiencing in the wake of seeing her better half with another young lady and she won’t excuse him ever.


Mahima says Rudraksh is her better half not Preesha’s significant other however she isn’t understanding why Preesha is envious seeing Rudraksh with her and asks what befell her, why she isn’t in any event, considering Sharda’s argue. She reveals to Sharda that they will deliver Rudraksh so she need not to argue Preesha. Saaransh comes there and says Police can’t take Rudraksh anyplace. Rudraksh advises him to head inside and Yuvraj holds him. Saaransh goes to Preesha and requests that she stop the Police.


In Police station, Police assessor discloses to Balraj that they needs to submit Rudraksh in court and can’t help him in any capacity. Sharda asks there should be some approach to deliver him without going to the court. He Preesha has pull out the unique request and today they won’t get bail as well. Rudraksh removes Preesha will take him from the prison.

Mahima inquires as to why Preesha will do that when she is the person who gave grumbling against him. He hollers at her and says he previously advised her to quiet down. Balraj says Rudraksh become frantic and says Mahima is correct on the grounds that Preesha detests him and Mahima is concerned for him and advises him to avoid Preesha. Rudraksh says he can’t fail to remember Preesha and she is simply harmed however not abhorring him. Balraj gets irritated and leaves from that point.


Saaransh says again Rudraksh and Preesha began to battle and inquires as to why she can’t excuse him this time. She says this time battle is tremendous and she can’t excuse Rudraksh and advises him to get her. He says he won’t converse with her until she brings Rudraksh. She attempts to commit him comprehend and by error he slaps her. Vasudha chastens him. He apologize to Preesha saying it occurred unintentionally. She embraces him saying she realizes that. Read More…….


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