After at some point, Yuvraj over telephone cautions Pandit to be content with the cash he got and don’t request more. Preesha asks how did he respond, what did he say Rudra and Ahana; she requested that he wed Ahana to bomb Kanbir’s arrangement, however he ought to recollect its a phony marriage.

He says he turned into Preesha’s phony spouse and confronted every one of the outcomes and embarrassment, presently he wedded Ahana for genuine by supplanting Fakir/Kabir; he didn’t get anything for aiding Preesha, presently he will do anything he desires to. Preesha thinks in the event that she fouled up by taking Yuvraj’s assistance. Sonia hears their discussion and considers educating Rudra about it and make him battle with Preesha and draw nearer to him.

Ahana reveals to Rudra that she would not like to remain with Yuvraj. Rudra says he will show Yuvraj out of house and will look for Appa’s assistance to discover an answer. Sonia educates him that Preesha arranged this. Rudra strolls to Preesha and hears her requesting that Yuvraj do as she says. Read more……..