Yuvraj reveals to Preesha that he is a holy messenger in her life and saved her on schedule; he wedded cosmetics ki dukan Ahana by arriving at resort on schedule, else Kabir would have hitched Ahana. Preesha says thank god he went into ranch house through indirect access. Yuvraj says he is master in this and adored rebuffing genda Fakir/Kabir and his mom. He thinks back entering resort by means of secondary passage and hearing Sulochana cautioning Kabir not to take a gander at different young ladies till marriage and gets glad reasoning they will get 500 crores after marriage. He goes into Kabir’s room as beautician and requests that he take off his garments. Sulochana leaves. He sniffs Kabir chloroform and making oblivious ties him and shrouds him in washroom and becomes groom himself. Out of flashback, he says he thought its hard to get Kabir, yet it went smooth

like a margarine. Preesha says it was extremely troublesome as Rudra needed to go to Kabir’s room, yet she came and brought him down, thinking back the episode. She says she will proceed to check what’s going on or, in all likelihood they will question that she is likewise engaged with this arrangement, says thanks to him and leaves. He figures he ought to express gratitude toward her rather as she helped him in a roundabout way and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he will do.

Sharda inquires as to whether she is the person who performed Yuvraj and Ahana’s marriage. Preesha says yes. Sharda says in the event that she understands what she did, for what reason did she include Yuvjraj even subsequent to knowing his inclination well. She says she knows and couldn’t have included any more interesting, in any event they know Yuvraj, she and Rudra will deal with him. Sharda says Rudra will despise her in the event that he discovers truth and may even leave her. She says she knows, yet its an issue of her family and she won’t allow anything incorrectly to occur with it, particularly when her Sharda maa is essential for it.

Kabir proceeds with his exaggerating that he can’t live without Ahana and Rudra ought to accomplish something. Sulochana cautions him to stop his exaggerating. He says on the off chance that he doesn’t, how might they get 500 croes. Preesha enters. Sulochana cries that everything is demolished, she was glad that her Kabir was wedding Ahana, somebody put their hostile stares on them. Kabir cries that he can’t live without Ahana and even Ahana can’t remain with Yuvraj. Preesha requests that he unwind and wear garments. Kabir inquires as to whether he will get back Ahana in the event that he wears garments.

Sulochana requests that he control. He says nalla Yuvraj took his garments and secured him washroom, great tap got on and he got cognizant when water fell on him and he came out. He proceeds with that he was unable to stand by and turned out in clothing. Ahana yells to stop his clothing show and consider her circumstance. Preesha says what should they do now. Rudra says he won’t let Rudra inside home. Preesha says even she needs same, yet Yuvraj is correct that Ahana needs to go through a half year with him before separate. Rudra says he will document case on Yuvraj. Preesha says nothing will occur with it.

Yuvraj enters saying Preesha is correct and requests that everybody go out as he needs invest energy with his better half. He attempts to embrace Ahana. Ahana yells to remain away. Rudra pushes him and yells for what reason did he do this. Yuvraj says for 3 explanation, one vengeance as Rudra deceived him likewise and wedded his Preesha, second cash as his shortcoming is cash and now he will appreciate a sumptuous life in Rudra’s home. Rudra requests to tell third explanation. Yuvraj says he needed to see Rudra’s response, Rudra truly attacked him commonly and now he needs to see same agony and embarrassment all over; Rudra is looking for his transgressions. He requests that them all leave and let him appreciate quality time with his significant other. Ahana leaves yelling. Yuvraj requests that everybody leave. Rudra leaves cautioning that he won’t extra him. Ahana thinks Yuvraj is crossing his cutoff points and she needs to stop him.

After at some point, Yuvraj over telephone cautions Pandit to be content with the cash he got and don’t request more. Preesha asks how did he respond, what did he say Rudra and Ahana; she requested that he wed Ahana to bomb Kanbir’s arrangement, however he ought to recollect its a phony marriage.