Kabir demands Sulochana to tell how could she adjust Alisha’s perspective. Sulochana says she has a mysterious wand and calls Sonia. Sonia strolls in. Sulochana says Sonia is their new gathering part who educated her about Alisha. Sonia goes into flashback where she meets her old companion Sonia in washroom and inquires as to whether she is Khurana family’s general that she came to go to Kabir and Ahana’s sangeet. Alisha uncovers that Preesha recruited her to trap Kabir and uncover his actual face. Sonia thinks she needs to illuminate this to Sulochana with the goal that Sulochana doesn’t uncover her. She demands Alisha to meet her auntie and messages Sulochana to meet her as she needs to converse with her something significant. Sulochana meets her, and she educates her Preesha’s arrangement and inquires as to whether they should take Preesha to

family. Sulochana says Alisha will execute Preesha’s arrangement true to form by Preesha and afterward make twofold difficulty for Preesha toward the end, at that point Rudra will blow up on Preesha. She reveals to Alisha that she will pay twofold than what Preesha paid. Out of flashback, Kabir says now he understood why Sonia acted that way. HE goes into flashback where he attempts to lure Alisha and she pushes him and says she is attempting to save him and shows Preesha’s message. Out of flashback, Sonia says Alisha was her companion and aided them. Sulochana reproves Kabir to control himself till marriage completes, at that point they will handle Preesha. He concurs and says let us rejoin work.

Preesha drives vehicle back towards ranch house saying thanks to god that her work completed on schedule. She sees vehicle’s petroleum unfilled and thinks how to arrive at ranch house now. She stops a passing vehicle. Driver switches vehicle towards her and she is stunned to see a known individual/should be Yash.

Next morning, Rudra gets going in plans when Preesha demands him to eat. He denies. She forcibly feeds him saying in the event that he eats, she will kiss him. He eats sandwich and requests that she kiss him. She says one more nibble. He eats and attempts to kiss her. She stops him and says one final nibble. He eats and attempts to kiss her once more. She pushes him and feeds him juice. He asks where is his kiss. She says she just deceived feed him breakfast. He holds her and says he won’t release her until she kisses him. Decorator strolls to him and requests to check entrance design. He anxiously isolates from Preesha and leaves saying his kiss is as yet forthcoming.

Preesha thinks to message her assistant and see whether he is prepared or not. Sharda strolls in and inquires as to whether everything is okay among her and Rudra. She says yes. Sharda asks what she has intended to stop Kabir and Ahana’s wedding. She says she is informing for a similar explanation. Sharda says there shouldn’t be any issue among her and Rudra. She says Rudra may blow up on her, yet can’t for long as he cherishes her. Sharda trusts she prevails in her arrangement and leaves. She calls her assistant and inquires as to whether he arrived at ranch house.

Rudra prepares for Ahana and Kabir’s wedding in Saransh’s room. Saransh pushes him saying its his room and he needs to prepare first. Rudra says Preesha is preparing in his room and sent him out. Saransh says he ought to have educated him first and inquires as to for what reason is mamma not yet prepared. Rudra says he will proceed to check and strolls back to Preesha and gets entranced with her excellence seeing her preparing. Jo Tum Na Ho.. tune plays behind the scenes. He makes her wear adornments and reminsices quality time went through with her. He at that point fixes blossoms in her hair and inquires as to whether she needs something. She says she needs to drop wedding trip. He inquires as to whether she is certain. She says yes. He sasy He will proceed to check if Kabir is prepared. She says I love you. He says I love you too wifey and leaves. She at that point strolls to her helper who prepares as husband to be and inquires as to whether he is prepared. He gestures yes.

Kabir’s baraat shows up with Rudra, Preesha, and others moving. Sharda plays out Kabir’s aarti. Preesha looks cheerful.

Sharda inquires as to whether she arranged what happened a little while ago. Preesha gestures yes. There will be more issues in her day to day existence now. Read more……