Yeh hai chahatein 24 January 2021 written update

He says he will bite the dust without her. She says he doesn’t adore her and he demonstrated that today and she never figured Mahima can come inbetween them like this.

He says Mahima even transferred the video in online media. She says she saw everything and everything completed among them and says she simply abhors him and leaves from that point. He cries and this why it occurred with him.


Mahima meets Preesha and insults her. She says she is feeling awful for Preesha after all she is her sister and says she grabbed everything from her. She says Rudraksha has a place with her just from here on out. Rudraksha says that won’t occur never. Mahima requests that he acknowledge reality and says even Preesha will have a hard time believing him. Mahima safeguards Rudraksha before Khurana’s. Read More…


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