Rudra demands Saransh to tell if Mahima hit him. Saransh says after Rudra didn’t go to TV talk with, Mahima whipped him with belt and he has blemishes on his back. Rudra alarms seeing blemishes on his back. Preesha enters. Rudra yells Mahima lashed his child. Preesha says she knows. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t she advise him. She says she saw just at some point prior. He yells how could she is to lash his child, he didn’t utter a word when she executed numerous individuals and wouldn’t endure on the off chance that she lashed his child. He indignantly leaves. Saransh seeing his annoyance embraces Preesha apprehensive and requests that she stop rudra. Rudra strolls to Mahima and slaps her over and over yelling how could she is to lash his child. She says he contacted her at any rate thusly. He strangulates her truism he slapped her for destroying her child. She says he should murder her as opposed to detesting her, she adores him hugely and will get him at any expense. Preesha drops Saransh with Sharda at lohri scene and hangs tight for Rudra. She goes to keep an eye on him and stands stunned seeing Rudra Romancing Mahima in her room saying he was sitting tight for this second since long. She breaks seeing them taking off one another’s garments lasciviously and getting into bed. Mahima takes a gander at a container on cabinet.

Preesha runs from that point crying thinking back Rudra romancing Mahima and goes out in her vehicle. GPS seeing that runs behind Preesha calling her, he figures where did she go and where is Rudra. Vasu with everybody strolls to him and asks where did Preesha go. He says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and even Rudra is absent. Ahana says even Mahima is missing. Preesha drives vehicle thinking back Rudra’s affection for her. She yells for what reason did Rudra do this to her. Vehicle stops when petroleum purges and she runs on street. Vasu asks GPS how might Preesha go that way. Ahana says where should be Rudra, they should go up and check. Mishka says Mahima is up and everybody is such a lot of stressed over Preesha, she is inconvenient and doesn’t allow them to appreciate parties. GPS says Preesha ran from inside home, that implies Mahima more likely than not accomplished something. Mahima says she didn’t do anything. GPS says he will proceed to check. Balraj says he will send monitors and let us head inside and pause.

They all stroll inside home and anxiously hang tight for Preesha. Balraj says watches didn’t come at this point, that implies Preesha isn’t found at this point. Mahima advances her and Rudra’s sentiment video via online media and says now the genuine dhamaka will occur. Watchmen return and educate Balraj that they looked for Preesha all over and couldn’t discover her. Mahima gets video and seeing that says this is humiliating and shows it to everybody. They all smoke. GPS asks Mahima how might she do this. Mahima says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Ahana says its spreading like fire via online media. GPS thinks Preesha broke seeing Rudra’s treachery and goes to defy Rudra. Mahima keeps acting. Yuvraj thinks what happened unexpectedly that nalla Khurana Rudra went with Kavvi Mahima leaving chipkali Preesha, Mahima should be a witch that she can handle anybody, he simply needs to appreciate this dramatization. Balraj says he can’t comprehend what is Rudra up to, prior he despised Mahima and afterward wedded her for Saransh and now got private with her, he additionally goes about as loathing Preesha yet then hits the dance floor with her. GPS goes to Rudra who is sound snoozing and sprinkles water on him. Rudra awakens and asks what occurred. GPS inquires as to for what reason did he double-cross Preesha and shows video.

Precap: Rudra discloses to GPS let us converse with Preesha. GPS says Preesha is missing. Balraj asks Rudra for what good reason did he do only a terrible demonstration. Rudra goes to look through Preesha, finds and attempts to persuade her, however she cautions not to contact her as he deceived her by imparting bed to Mahima and leaves. He stands yelling Preesha… .