Episode started takes intoxicated Sonia to her room and inquires as to whether she is fine at this point. She says she is feeling better now and will be fine once she rests. He recommends not to drink a lot sometime later and leaves. She goes into room and is astounded to see Sulochana there who says she doesn’t look intoxicated.

She asks what does she mean. Sulochana says she ought to be an entertainer rather than artist as she probably is aware how she over and over contacted Rudra intentionally and attempted to be close to him. She argues Sulochana not to illuminate anybody about it or, more than likely her fantasy about turning into an artist will break.

Sulochana asks her not to stress as her she can trust her and she won’t advise anybody. She gets strained reasoning don’t have the foggiest idea what Sulochana will do now. Sulochana figures she will make her a manikin at whatever point she needs child Rudra shows ranch house adornment to Saransh and asks how is it. He says its great. Preesha strolls to him wearing a lovely dress. He gets heartfelt and signals that he is wavered with her magnificence. Principle tera banjaoonga.. melody plays behind the scenes. He inquires as to for what reason is she wonderful to the point that he can’t focus on sangeet work now. She says he requested that she look more delightful than everybody here.

He picks her fallen eyelid hair and requests that she make a wish. She says previously got what she needed. He closes eyes and wishes. She asks what did he wish. He says child Preesha and kisses her brow. Principle Tera Banjaoonga..song proceeds behind the scenes. She gets a message and reasons saying she needs to go to kichen. He says Ilove you. She says I love you as well and leaves. She meets model Alisha and says thanks to her for coming, at that point clarifies her arrangement of attracting Kabir and taking him to a space to let her uncover Kabir before Rudra. Alisha concurs. Rudra has sangeet service occasion and annoucnes Ahana and Kabir’s exhibition first. The two of them vigorously dance on a Punjabi pop tune.

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Sulochana thanks god to satisfy everything she could ever want, first Rudra brought her home, at that point Kabir stood up on his feet, and afterward she got a lovely and gifted bahu like Ahana. He says she will get bliss of entire world for her sufferings previously.

She thinks let him take a hike, she simply needs 500 crores. Kabir thinks Ahana is hot, she slapped him when he contacted her last time, presently he should create utilization of the open door. He pulls Ahana and moves holding her firmly. She cautions him to carry on. He says he is simply acting to show their science to everybody. Preesha pay-offs server to serve liquor consistently to Kabir. Rudra strolls to her next and gets heartfelt once more. Ahana requests that Kabir clear out as melody is finished and goes aside.

Kabir begins drinking liquor. Preesha thinks he is intoxicated now, its the opportune chance to uncover him. She messages Alisha that Kabir is in bar and she ought to execute her arrangement. Saransh reports Preesha and Rudra’s dance. Preesha says she hasn’t set up at al. Rudra says their science is mind blowing, so let us dance.

The two of them go in front of an audience. Saransh says thanks to Preesha for accomplishing such a great deal for him. Preesha says each mother does same for her youngsters. He says all moms are not same and some are exceptionally coldblooded like Mahima. Preesha genuinely embraces him and says he need not concern as Mahima has gone far away. Rudra embraces them both saying when they are together, it’s not possible for anyone to hurt them. He at that point requests that he quit making his mom India more passionate. Saransh requests that they dance at that point. The two of them dance on Rangde Tu Mohe Gerua.. tune.

Rudra demands Preesha that they will go on special first night not long after Kabir and Ahana’s wedding. She says she would not like to. He says she guaranteed him. She says she vowed to get him back no track. He demands. She concurs. He says I love you wifey. She says I love you as well, at that point sees Alisha and signs her to execute her arrangement.