Scene starts with Gopal stuns seeing Mahima and moves towards her. He gets passionate seeing her alive before him. She apologize to him for not coming before him prior and embraces him.

Rudraksh, Preesha grins seeing them. Gopal says they thought she isn’t alive and inquires as to why she didn’t came before them. She says she will tell everything and takes a gander at Rudraksh. He takes his folks from that point offering security to Preesha’s family. Preesha asks Mahima that where was she till now.

Mahima says they realizes that she cherished Rajeev so much and she needed him to go to her for her yet his better half didn’t offered separation to him so isolated from one another. She says she was in sadness after his passing still she lived for her youngster just to bring forth her kid. At that point she chose to not consider him and simply focus on her kid and joined classes to think about childhood of children.

She says her state of mind was not steady so her Doctor proposed her to change the climate that is the reason she moved toward Preesha and uncovered about her pregnancy to her and she dealt with her well indeed. She thought she was biting the dust during conveyance so asked Preesha to become mother to her youngster and do her kid’s childhood .

She says Preesha too guaranteed her and she kicked the bucket before her God had different designs for her, when Ward young men were taking her towards morgue they understood that she is alive. She says Doctor was amazed seeing her alive and said it’s truly seems as though a sorcery and she was going to advise them about her however she prevented her from doing that. She says she didn’t had any desire to become threat for her kid since her psychological wellness was insufficient to deal with her kid.

Vasudha says they would have dealt with her. Mahima says she didn’t had any desire to ruin their life so hided reality from them and she went into outrageous degree of gloom due to that she began to beat different patients and they couldn’t control her so they conceded her in mental refuge. She says she endeavored self destruction ordinarily lastly she got trust seeing Preesha,

Rudraksh and Saaransh’s image in news paper. She needed to live observing Preesha and Saaransh’s image and revealed to her Doctor that she needs become fine to be essential for somebody’s world.Then she begun to improve and following one year her Doctor educated her that now she is thoroughly fine and can return to her reality and she is here now to meet Saaransh.

She says she called and informed Rudraksh commonly however he didn’t answered her possibly in light of the fact that her number was obscure to him then she chose to come to Khurana house and in sanctuary she met Yuvraj, he disclosed to her that Preesha and Rudraksh in ooty so she went there with him. Preesha contemplates Mahima still he didn’t said anything to her and condemnations him. Mahima says Preesha lost numerous things and her life changed a ton as well yet now she is here to reclaim her Saaransh. Preesha stuns hearing her.