Next you see that the examination is absolutely terrifying on seeing the woman. Then we see that she emotionally embraces him. And the title of the serial runs in the tax post land itself.

Watching the film there, the two have embraced them completely and after that Preisha glorifies whether she is really alive and has come back again and She then explains how this can be possible because she died in front of them 7 years ago and how she can still be alive.

After that Rudra tells her that I was the one who brought her here. She asks him how he knew that Mehma is still alive. After that Rudraksha tells her that I will tell you all this inside. Then he says that it is a happy day to see firecrackers in our house.

He then informs the exam that I was supposed to meet him in reverse and also informed him, then he is the biological mother of Preisha’s sister and Rajiv’s love. Now we see that coming here thinking from there She comes out that she could not understand what was happening inside her, after that Yuvraj calls her and asks why you have come out and what is happening inside.

After that the GPS goes away. Rihanna says that he was waiting for her and sends her in. After that Saran hugs her and much more happens and says that Masi ji has arrived. After that We see Gipsy meet Preisha and ask that Vasu call them all and we will run here. After that, GPS looks at Mahima and immediately wakes up and thinks how she is still alive.