Yeh hai Chahatein 2 February 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Rudraksh advises Preesha to listen him at any rate for Saaransh. She says on one condition and that is, he should avoid her, ought not touch her, additionally ought make an effort not to clarify what happened that evening. He says it’s not one condition and seeing her glare he concurs with her condition and says tiger went so this is the protected spot for them to remain.

He sees that she battles to sit due to cold so he gives his coat to her however she won’t take it and says she previously advised him to not touch her. He keep the coat close to her and advises her to wear it.


Balraj asks where is Rudraksh now. Sharda gets stressed. Mahima says she is additionally stressed. Ahana says Rudraksh and Preesha should be together to celebrate and intentionally they are overlooking Mahima’s calls. She recommends that they should rest particularly Mahima in light of the fact that she truly accomplished parcel of work in office so she should be worn out.


Mahima says she can’t rest and going to hang tight for them in Srinivasan’s home in light of the fact that Rudraksh will go there to drop Preesha.

Rudraksh attempts to help her however harms his hand and she gets stressed for him. At that point she gets irritated seeing lighter in his grasp. He attempts to get cherry and she says he ought do nothing for her since she isn’t eager. He says he is taking for him since he is eager. She stuns seeing something.


Mahima gets some information about Preesha. Vasudha says in view of transport strike Preesha remaining in the medical clinic. Mahima thinks she needs to accomplish something. Gopal asks is everything fine on the grounds that Mahima arrived behind schedule night. Mahima says she was missing Saaransh so she came to take him. He figures he can’t let her take Saaransh and says on the off chance that Rudraksh requested that she bring Saaransh, at that point he will converse with him.

Vasudha says now just they got opportunity to invest energy with Saaransh and advises her to allow him to remain here for few additional days. Mahima figures imagine a scenario in which it’s Preesha’s doing and chooses to take Saaransh around evening time and leaves from that point.



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