Next you will see that the beginning begins with Yuvraj who tells Preisha that Rudraksha has left him here and that he did not do well. We see that she tells him to get lost and says that he Leaving me took such a big step and left home.

Then we see that who thinks that something will happen in a controlled way, or else Rudraksha would never have wanted to leave it. And the lady who was here has also left her so that it is possible that the two of them are together. Then we see that the examination reaches Delhi and thinks that she has called Rudraksha about her arrival.

Go but because the battery is not there, then he waits for the taxi, his mobile goes off. Someone is getting bad about him and he tells the driver to drive the car a little faster. Because I Wants to meet the exam and tell him all the truth before reaching home.

After that the driver replies to him that I cannot drive the car too fast otherwise we will get caught by the police and Rudraksha knows that I will be full to pay the fine. I am ready and you drive fast enough. We take Trisha waiting for the taxi and there comes Yuvraj and he puts his hand on her shoulder to call her and she is the committee that it is Rudraksha Aa Gaya and I turn back happily but when she sees,

she gets frustrated because he is the crown prince. Then I told how many times I Yes, you stay away from me but you are still following me. Giriraj says that you can go home with me, I will leave you home but he says that I do not need your help. Then he says If he was Rudraksha, he would have left it here but I am not so that is why I cannot leave you alone here.

Then she says that you do not utter a single word against my Rudraksha. After that Yuvraj somehow Se convinces him to go with him and he starts leaving from there, only when Rudraksha comes there and he sees them and then he tells the driver to chase them then the driver puts his car behind them . And Rudraksha says that I will not leave the Crown Prince yet. The film sees Yuvraj somehow catch Rudraksha and then starts attacking him but she says that you had left me. And you don’t even know how upset I was for you.