Now we see his crown prince notices that the woman’s honor is missing from there and then he tries to call her but she is unable to attend his call. Then we see that he is thinking that he She left without telling me and then he thinks what he will do now. Because he has no money.

He thought that he would be able to enjoy the journey openly, but it is not that he packed his clothes and comes out of the room. Who on the other hand kept calling the examination Rudraksha and wondered if she had left a letter in the room for me and she looked well. Is not available.

And is also wondering what would happen if the family had come to know everything and she also thinks that they might have found out. Now we see that Preisha calls at home. And Sharadaphone picks up and tells everything to Preisha that Rudraksha has left me here alone but she does not believe at all and says that you are pranking but she says that I am telling the truth .

After that Chase says that you tell me everything from the beginning to the end, then she tells everything. After that she says you don’t worry everything will be alright. I do something. After that she tells all this to Balraj Hai and says that both of them went happily for honeymoon but now Rudraksha leaves her and does not know where he has gone.

After the miss call Yuvraj calls her and asks her everything whether you have done anything. Ahana then asks her if you know where Rudraksha has gone and also asks if she has done anything. We see Yuvraj realizing that the woman is behind it and tells Ahana That she did not do anything and then cut the call. After this, do not chase and told the hotel manager to show me the CCTV footage.

She says that she wants to see Rudraksha who Rudraksha met and then where she Gone. After that it is celebrated that our CCTV is not working right now so we cannot show you the video and after that he gives her a flight ticket and a notice. Then we see that the letter which has It is written that I am sorry that I am leaving without telling you, but I am going to do something that will change my life and that is why I will explain everything before reaching home.

She calls Sharada and tells him everything that it is in the Rudraksh house, then she has to see that Rudraksha is in the house and on hearing this she is relieved. And what did that thank God Rudraksha is all right. Rudraksha says that I cannot tell you what and why I have come and after that the woman enters the mansion. After this, the crook is shocked to see him. On the other hand Yuvraj is angry because all the money he had is gone because of the woman and he thinks that if he is with Rudraksha What will happen?

After that, the examination sees Yuvraj and starts chasing him. Then I say that he is not the master of D and says that it is just a coincidence and asks Rudraksh about him as well. And when he says that he has gone home for work, Yuvraj starts making fun of him. After that we see that Rudraksha is waiting for Preisha but she does not even look at him.