Next you will see that Preisha is riding her boat and there she is riding the boat with him and after that Preisha praises the nature view and Rudra gets tired of driving the paddle and then starts paddling. .And the exam tells her to drive faster and then he tries and realizes that she stops paddling with her handle paddled.

Then we see that the boat stops there and then due to the stir in the water, the boat starts moving, due to which Preisha falls over Rudra and she says that I am scared because I do not swim at all. And then Rudra embraces him and enjoys that moment.

Then we see that the lady also comes there and he asks them if you also want to enjoy the boat, she does not and after that both Rudraksha and Trisha leave their room. Then we see that the next morning she feels the sunlight and wakes up, then she gives that Rudraksha is not in the room and then calls the reception and asks if she has seen Rudra somewhere.

Since then, the reception says that we know that he left for Delhi in the morning. He gets very nervous and thinks how he left me alone and went to Delhi. Is the dream or thinks that the reception must have seen someone else and she will confirm well. We see on the other side that Rudraksha goes to the airport with the woman and passes the boarding.

He then hands it to a woman and then waits in the waiting lounge. Preisha tells reception that you check again where Rudra has gone, then she checks again and tells him that he is checking out in the morning, on hearing this, Preisha does not believe her and the hotel manager Let’s talk.

God, on the other hand, Raj who gets up in his room and calls the woman, feels as if the woman is in the bathroom. Prisha asks them if she has left any message for me, the manager says no. There is no message left and she gets very upset thinking how can she do this to me. Then we see further that Peeja reaches the airport and there she meets Yuvraj and there Yuvraj asks her if you came here with her husband.

So Preisha says how do you know then she says that I know everything but you tell me. She says yes I came with my husband and we came to celebrate honeymoon but he left me and left for Delhi. So Yuvraj remains that I will help you to find him. He lures him to find him and takes him in the car.