Next you see that in the beginning the pressure seems to be that Rudraksha has ordered the champion but it is not that he could not succeed at all in his plan, then we see that he comes back out of the room and takes medicine is.

After that we see that he shows her the champagne and on seeing which she becomes very happy, then she says that she has not even given her feelings to the government yet. Well prepared and she says that she did not expect this and he gets confused on hearing this.

She then says that she went alone to give this order. Then he says that he has not given this country at all and says that the manager said that he will do something special, so he must have sent this order to me. Then we see that she says that she knows very well about them and they only gave this order and in view of her anger are now blaming it on the manager.

She then says that she cannot sleep at all with him and tells him to stay away from her and she falls asleep on a couch, then we see that she gives a pillow on him. He then says that he is honeymooning and tells that Kay has come and why she is sleeping on the couch. I try to explain to him but she falls asleep on the couch without even listening to him.

Then we see that on the other hand Suraj reaches the examination hotel with the girl and asks the management for Rudraksh and also the exam room number, then we see that he knows about the books of the next room for him. She then says that they are finally going to meet the exam and she heads towards her room.

On the next day, we see that the exam arises and notice that Rudraksha is still sleeping and it grows further. After that exam, looking at Rudraksha, thinking that it is like a child and wants to kiss me, and then she feels like I love her very much but she is still in love for 10 days. Does not want to express it in front of him.

And when it is the last day of honeymoon, I will express my love in front of her and then she also says that I know that it was not the manager’s fault, I intentionally made an excuse to sleep on the couch. It is said that he loves her very much and he puts her hand on her arms and closes her. Seeing this she wakes up.

Then I see that I get up and he is hoping that he must have forgotten the point of time and then she tells us that let’s get ready because we have gone for an outing. And he says no to me. If she wants to stay in it then she says that she has come for the first time and she wants to move around completely, so you are walking with me or should I go alone.

Prisha says that she wants to enjoy and he annoys her with his antics and then we see that he seduces a girl to burn the exam and then we see that she was about to leave and now she has fun Lagu and how she can go from there.

The see says that she thinks she is too smart and takes him to Nokha Vihar and Yuvraj and the girl will come chasing him. We next see Trisha leave her hand to take revenge on Rudraksh and hold a boy’s hand and start asking him for help.

Because Rudraksha also molested the owner girl to burn her. Then we see that Rudraksha gets angry and goes away and does not tell Preisha that he is going from there.