Next you will see that the episode begins in the temple where Yuvraj is shocked by seeing a girl and then starts chasing her. On the other hand, Rudraksha and Preisha arrive at their hotel and after that the hotel manager also welcomes them and says that their honeymoon sweet is ready and then Preisha sees Rudraksha.

After that Rudraksha says that their honeymoon The best is going to happen because its manager says that they have never done a better honeymoon setup in Ooty. Then we see that both of them enter their room and after that Preisha goes towards the balcony and there she enjoys the view of the outside very much.

After that we give Rudraksha a hug from behind. Lia and asks that he brought her here to show the scene and then she says that it is surprising that he brought her here. But he thinks that he thought he He has brought her to spend time with him and also had to know why he lied to her that he was Saranksh’s mother and before she had to make sure that he confesses his love.

Then he says that he is now all alone and has a beautiful scene in front of him and that is why he is in full mood to say those three magical words in this romantic environment. Then she thinks that her heart is telling him But I like her very much and now decides to say no.

She then says if you are ready to hear all that, then he says yes, then she says that I am very hungry and then he says that it is just 3 words that you don’t have time to speak Feeling and he tells her to take it. Hey we see that the girl in the temple prays to God that she has come here so far and she cannot go back, then she says that she was told to give her strength so that she can continue on this path

After that we see that the Crown Prince comes there and stands in front of him. Then she asks him where were you for so long, then she came only to meet the pressure and Saransh. We then see that Rudraksha is asking her to say the words that came there to listen. And then he gets closer to that too and suddenly he goes back.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th november 2020 Written updates

And then he goes to the bathroom. Then we see that Bahraich causes stomach ache. After that he says to the reception that bring medicine for us but no one listens to him there, then we send that I go directly to the manager and he asks for medicine and he goes to their room giving medicines but there On the other hand,

Rudraksha again went to the washroom. After that we see that Pariksha thinks of a new way of expressing her love and she deliberately says that while I was sleeping, I saw that I love Rudraksha very much.