Today’s episode is from Rudraksha which falls in Preisha’s feet. And he says if you can forgive me then do it. I sit in front of him and say that husband and wife should not bow down in front of each other, but should stand with them and support them. He says that there is a misunderstanding in every relationship, but only then the process ends, but if someone realizes the mistake, then it is not a mistake. That is why he thanks her and says that you still have not broken her trust.

Next you will see that Gopal says that courage is needed to accept his mistake
So that both are forced. Sardar is of the city that he is made for each other only.

Ahana says that Shraddha considers Junk but he bowed down even after seeing and knowing everything. Mishra says that he has no concern with Hamaraj but how Rudraksha can do this, he says that he is not getting jealous that he has done black magic on Preisha.

Next you will see that Neerja starts telling Rahul about Preisha’s honeymoon and also tells her that a new beginning of her life is going to happen. Yuvraj says that he is very happy to hear this. Rahul starts telling Yuvraj that God has made Rudraksha, Preisha for each other. Yuvraj taunts him and leaves. Rudraksha makes Preisha and helps her in packing and romances with her. Then he bade everyone goodbye and after that they both leave for their honeymoon. Yuvraj also reaches the temple and is shocked to see an unknown girl there.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th november 2020 Written update