The episode begins with Rudraksha then because Preisha holds up her hand and asks her to say the word. She feels ashamed and cannot see him and asks him what words he is talking about. He wants her to make him love her too. Similarly, after a while, she says that I have sat down and that is why I have to go home and leave. Similarly, when the sister reaches Surana’s house, he asks her to go to her room.

The next day you will see that the message of Balraj’s mole comes to the police inspector court. Balraj tells him to read it properly, next you will see that he clearly states that Sharda is not responsible for killing Kirti. Police Inspector says that Balraj is angrily harassing them like this. He has done his work only with ghosts and he apologizes to Sharda.

Kundali bhagya 13th November 2020 written update

Rudraksha then comes out with Lia and Prisha is surprised to see her in Lia and says who is not wearing anything and she says that I am your wife, I can change clothes in front of you.

. The police inspector says that Balraj is unnecessarily angry at him, he did his job only by looking at the evidence and apologized to Sharda. Rudraksha comes out of the washroom wearing a towel. He does as if he has heard anything and says what you are saying. Durga says that Shraddha can come anytime, so she has to tell her words.

Next you will see that Balraj takes Sharda to his house. Ahana hugs Sharda and tells him that Bibo was worried about him but now he is very happy to see Shraddha in front of him. When Prisha meets him So she gets confused seeing him.

Vasudha says that Rudraksha has called her. She asks her parents to join her. She says that Preisha has done nothing against her and Rahul is behind everything and has to destroy her career. So that he could get a place. They say that Preisha has saved Neerja’s life, that’s why Rahul has made her forget everything. Gaya starts apologizing to Preisha for trusting Rahul. It also apologizes to her parents for their wrong behavior. That Preisha falls on your feet and says that if possible, forgive me. The episode ends

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that Rudraksh has told his family that I want to go on a honeymoon, so he informs his family about the honeymoon.