At the beginning of the episode we see that Rudraksha tells Prasar that it was about to forget his feelings earlier but Rahul spoils everything by showing him the wrong and fake video.

Then he says that he always did it on him Trusted and has also stood up to go against his family but Rahul has used his weakness which is Yuvraj. He repeatedly took her name and said that the examination loves Yuvraj and not him.

Even though he admits that she still can’t take the video away from him. That is why he has brought her back to the Khurana house. He then says that he has hurt her a lot but I was still in a lot of pain. He tortured her and cried but it affected her more than her. Then she always thinks that when he can

Do anything for her So why is she not in love with him then he says that he was not like this but when he left her then his life has changed since then and he seems like a feeling of emptiness and revenge.

He also apologizes and says that he can forgive him but he can never forgive himself but asks to try again not to repeat his mistake. Then we will see that he also enjoys the rain Take and shout loudly that he loves her very much and says that it is just 3 words but it has taken more than 3 months to do all that work.

I am asking my feeling to government Let’s see about her and not that he asks how easily she has changed so much and says that Rudraksha has cheated everyone and got married too. Se slaps her, saying that she can tolerate but will not even hear a wrong word against her husband.

He says that Rudraksh has always been breaking his trust but he was confident that there is still a word against him that will not be heard. Then we see that Rudraksha also beats Yuvraj and he quarrels with each other. Yuvraj says that he has taken away his wife from her that Rudraksha also beats him and takes away everything from him.

Then he also warns her to stay by his wife and then he feels that he The idiot Rahul has to lose everything because after that Rudraksha holds his hand and asks why he has not accepted his feelings. Then we see that Trisha feels that she will not be able to live easily that three words.