Aryan says you are so interesting, you planned to kiss the column. He says Gayatri requested that I kiss her. She asks where is she. She shows the video and giggles at Aryan. He says trust me, she was here. She jokes on him. He requests that she stop it, what’s going on.

Angre asks did you see Riddhima. Vansh says indeed, she went for normal exam, I came pursuing here that shooter, I didn’t see her face. He sees the shoe mark. He says it shows that its a young lady’s shoe impression, you discover the lodging list if people to attend. Angre says Augustine checked it, rest are families, a young lady has checked in exclusively. Sara says Vansh would get it together to contact me, did he think about me, he is extremely sharp, I must be cautious. Vansh requests Sara’s room number. Sara says I need to move all the stuff from here. Vansh requests that Angre discover Vyom. Sara sees Vansh in the hall. She leaves. Vansh says she is the one. He requests that she stop. She says my game will get over. She runs. He pursues her. He hears a weapon shot. He stops and goes to see.

Vansh and Vyom meet. Vyom says our hatred went a level up, I will grab everything from you. They battle. Vansh requests that he remain on his feet first. Officials come to check about drugs carrying. Vansh stresses when Angre gets captured.