Tejo hangs tight for Fateh. Mahi requests that she have food. Tejo says I will eat with Fateh, I m much better at this point. Nimmo comes to insult about Jasmin. Tejo says I didn’t educate my family regarding my physical issue, they take strain. Nimmo says I know Jasmin’s marriage talks are going on with Canadian person, will she run once more, advise me. Tejo says she has some issue. Nimmo says she is an issue herself. Mahi requests that Tejo disregard Nimmo’s words, don’t feel terrible.

Tejo says I m inclination awful seeing Jasmin in a tough situation. Mahi says get Jasmin hitched soon, she will leave from Fateh and your life, out of the picture and therefore irrelevant. Tejo says I know, then, at that point Jasmin and Fateh can continue forward throughout everyday life. Fateh comes and hears them. Mahi goes. He says Mahi was saying right, no longer of any concern. Tejo says no. Fateh says I will meet Gippy, I understood that assuming I don’t meet him, Chameli will not leave from our lives, I m prepared. Tejo asks are you certain. He says yes. She thanks and embraces him.

Precap: Jasmine advises Tejo assuming Fateh would not like to meet Gippy, what she can do? Tejo says he is meeting Gippy which leaves Jasmine stunned. Tejo further says that she would not like to advise her, however truth be told they should be together at this moment. Seeing Jasmine stunned, Tejo says this is what she needed, correct? She should be glad.