Tejo yells for help. He enters the restroom. He sees her in a shower robe. He says sorry and goes out. She says help me, I advised you to fix the wiper here, I tumbled down as a result of me, come and help me. He says sorry. She says I have torment in my back, help me. He says don’t cry, take this treatment, apply it. She cries. He says stand by.

He says fine, give me your hand. He says let me think what to do. He attempts to lift her. He says relax, I m with you. She says this happened as a result of you, my back broke. He asks is it harming a great deal. She says no, I was wanting to shout and chill. He says sorry. He takes her to the bed. She says I m fine, where are you going once more. He gets a scissor.

He says I will cut the wraparound and see the injury. He applies the ice pack. He says get straight now, I need to check whether your midriff is fine. She says I m fine, are you a specialist. He says I m a fighter, I can see the injury and say how genuine is it, I should take you to the clinic if the injury is not kidding. She says no emergency clinic. Jasmin is in transit with Gippy. She considers Fateh.

Gippy says it was such a lot of fun. Fateh says express gratitude toward God, your abdomen is fine. He jokes. Tejo snickers. Gippy says save a few amazements to show after marriage, we will make the families meet, we will get hitched. Jasmin thinks I need to meet Fateh.