Jasmin says you all aren’t so pixie, I came there unintentionally, I didn’t realize Fateh will be there. Tejo says I realize you deliberately came there. Jasmin says when you know it all, for what reason are you inquiring. Tejo says you left Fateh by your desire, for what reason are you disturbing him currently, simply leave him. She reprimands Jasmin. Jasmin says your consideration for Fateh isn’t fitting you, you look frantic to me, simply keep him as your companion, you figure you will meander around with him on his bicycle, then, at that point all will be well, no, it will not occur, Fateh won’t acknowledge you so effectively, Jasmin will be there in his heart, he actually cherishes me, just me. Tejo says very soon, your self image and disposition will liquefy down, you are irate on yourself, you can’t endure when Fateh is continuing onward, you are reviling yourself, you don’t have to stress for me, I m Tejo for Fateh, you were his past, past doesn’t return. Jasmin blows up.

Jasmin requests that the kid give a note to Fateh. Fateh sees her. Tejo opens the entryway. Jasmin says I need to converse with you. Tejo says I would prefer not to talk. Jasmin says I m sorry. She figures how might I get Fateh. Read More……..