Jasmin stows away from everybody and leaves. She says its now or never, I need to cause Fateh to accept that I m his adoration, not Tejo. Tejo says Fateh would be hanging tight for me at the institute. Jasmin goes to the institute. She sees Fateh and comes to him. He takes a gander at her. He inquires as to for what reason did you come here, simply go.

She says I need to converse with you, I have no time, pay attention to me. He says I would prefer not to pay attention to anything. She says Gippy is returning home to fix the connection. He gets angry.She says you can hurt me later, I don’t have time now. He says I lack the capacity to deal with you, leave, remember our connection of Jija and Saali. Tejo comes to.

He says you figure I will pay attention to you on the off chance that you argue. He goes. Jasmin says you need to converse with me now. Tejo is as yet in the vehicle. She figures Fateh will be concerned that I got late today. Jasmin follows Fateh. Tejo doesn’t see Fateh going. She slams into Jasmin. Jasmin stresses seeing her.

Same as yesterday: Fateh says its past the point of no return now, today your commitment. Jasmin endeavors self destruction, cutting her wrist. Fateh hurries to Jasmin and lifts her. He takes her. Tejo looks on.