She indicates the present given with the aid of using Satti. She says come now. She is going out of the automobile and asks him to come. He asks wherein are you going. She locks the automobile. They run withinside the rains. Amrik and Jasmin come there.

They see the automobile. Amrik says its Fateh’s automobile. Jasmin and Amrik name them out. Amrik says there may be not anything nearby, wherein can they cross, wherein are you going, live here. Jasmin says I will locate them, I will whistle to name you.

Fateh and Tejo attain a few house. Jasmin seems for them. Tejo says door is locked. They cross. Jasmin comes and doesn’t see them. Tejo says perhaps there may be no person at home, how can we cross inside, from the top, how. Fateh climbs the tree. Fateh and Tejo get in the window. They have a moment. Jasmin comes and appears inside.