The Episode begins offevolved with Fateh and Tejo leaving withinside the automobile. He says you are making precise stories, it become fun. She laughs. He says its due to the fruit punch, it had a few alcohol. She recollects and asks what. He says yes. She asks why didn’t you inform me. He says you have been playing a lot, why could I inform you. She says that’s why I become feeling so light, it means, I can inform you something is there in my heart. He says yes. She says I felt to run away on the primary day of our marriage. He says thank you for now no longer going for walks away. She says I wanted to present you a decent slap, after I had worn Jasmin’s saree on puja day, you had thrown the milk on me. He stops the automobile. She asks what happened. He says get down the automobile. She says however you stated I can say anything. He says get down, you need to slap me right, slap me. She says

no. He says slap me.
He makes her slap him. She asks what are you doing, sorry. He holds her hand and says forgive me, I had long past mad to act so badly with you, even you then definately continually supported me, recommended me to transport on, you’re a real pearl, I concept the fellow could be fortunate who marries you, I didn’t understand I m that fortunate guy. She says its sufficient for me which you found out your mistake. Jasmin does the make-up. She recollects Fateh and cries. Tejo wipes Fateh’s tears. Jasmin throws the matters in anger. She says Fateh is simply mine, none can clutch him from me. Her make-up receives ruined. She spoils it further. She says none can clutch my smile.

It begins offevolved thundering. Fateh asks Tejo to take a seat down withinside the automobile, its going to rain. The automobile doesn’t start. It rains. He says how will I test the automobile now. Tejo offers him an umbrella. She says I had saved it withinside the automobile. He says now no longer bad, its beneficial for us, preserve the umbrella, I will test the automobile. He tests the automobile. Jasmin says Fateh can’t be of every body else. She sees her face and cleans it. She leaves. The engine oil receives over Fateh’s blouse. He gets rid of his blouse and prevents the oil leakage. She asks him to take her dupatta, his blouse is long past. He says automobile is likewise long past. She laughs that his face were given blackened. She cleans his face together along with her dupatta. They have an eyelock.

He says I will strive as soon as again. She seems at him. She recollects their moments. The umbrella flies with the aid of using the wind. Tejo falls back. Fateh holds her in arms. Music plays… They take a seat down withinside the automobile. Jasmin walks at the road. Amrik sees her and offers her lift. He asks wherein will we discover them at this time. Jasmin says we need to locate them, I sense they’re in trouble. Fateh asks are you fine. Tejo says yes, take my dupatta and use it as a shawl. He says as though its dry. She says sorry, I didn’t realize.

Jasmin asks Amrik to move home, she can be able to locate them alone. Amrik says sorry, we are able to cross, do you already know wherein they went. Jasmin says no. Fateh says I will ship place to Amrik, he’ll come and select out us, this rain won’t stop, there may be no network. Tejo says no network. Fateh says I will ship a message. He messages Amrik.

Amrik receives the place and message. Jasmin asks what’s his message. Amrik says his automobile broke down, he has despatched place. Jasmin says name Fateh. Amrik calls Fateh. He says now no longer reachable. Jasmin says we must cross and locate them. She thinks I m coming Fateh. Tejo jokes on Fateh. She asks what happened, did you lose, you have been being adventurous. Fateh says my frame is of stainless steel, I won’t fall sick, however I m involved for you, we don’t have dry clothes. She says we’ve got it. Read More……