The Episode begins offevolved with Fateh seeing the scholars gambling playing cards. He scolds them. The man says sorry, this won’t occur again. Fateh asks him to get out. Tejo comes and says prevent it Fateh. Fateh slaps him. He says he’s smoking and gambling playing cards here. He slaps again. The man says see what I do now, you slapped me, I will see you. She says I informed you that Aman isn’t normal, we can’t deal with him this way. Fateh says I don’t need such college students in my academy. He leaves. Jasmin says meet me beneathneath the bridge area, okay. Amrit meets her. She asks do you suspect Fateh has an affair. Amrik says Fateh and Tejo combat day and night, is he virtually doing something. She says don’t get into their lifestyles. She receives a name. Fateh says meet me quickly. She asks what happened. He says not anything is fine,

I suppose I gets mad. She says relax, I will are available in a few time. Jasmin says my buddy urgently wishes me. Amrik asks shall I drop. She says no, I will manage, we can meet a few different day. She leaves.
Jasmin feeds meals to Fateh. He makes her devour the kheer. He says simply you recognize the way to deal with me. She says that is referred to as coronary heart to coronary heart connection. He says I recognise. He doesn’t solution Tejo’s name and throws the telecellsmartphone. Tejo says don’t recognise wherein did he pass in anger. Jasmin says neglect about the entirety for a day, I don’t need you to get unwell.

Tejo involves her class. She greets the scholars. Aman greets her and locks the door. He shoots withinside the air and factors the gun at her. She asks him to prevent. Students get scared. One of the lady records. Tejo says I recognise you’re irritated on Fateh, try and understand. He says your husband slapped me, he became performing like a hero, now he’ll recognise. Fateh laughs seeing Jasmin dancing. Aman scares the scholars. Tejo says don’t harm them. Jasmin entertains Fateh and laughs. Aman asks Tejo to name Fateh. Tejo calls him. Fateh is unreachable. Jasmin says we can constantly live the same. Fateh seems at his telecellsmartphone. She asks what happened. He says I sense fearful suddenly. She asks shall I crack any other joke. He says no, its finished for the day.

Tejo says throw the gun, pay attention to me, your lifestyles gets spoiled. Aman says I will ruin your and Fateh’s lifestyles, I will display him what’s fear, hold calling him. She says his telecellsmartphone is off. She thinks wherein is Fateh. Nimmo asks how is Fateh. Gurpreet says he went to the academy. Nimmo asks didn’t Tejo say something, I became passing through and helped him. Jasmin acts as Nimmo. Fateh laughs. She asks what happened, don’t make a unhappy face, smile whilst you are with me. Aman shouts take a seat down here. Tejo sits at the chair. Aman asks the pupil to tie her up. Tejo says do as he’s saying. Amrik comes domestic and asks the own circle of relatives to peer Tejo. Dilraaj comes strolling and indicates the video to everyone.

Gurpreet and all worry. She asks who’s this man. Amrik says he’s Tejo’s pupil. Satti cries. Everyone worries. Khushbeer calls Fateh. Nimmo says I may even pass. Amrik says I will locate Fateh. Fateh says I sense fearful, I will name domestic. Jasmin stops him. Aman asks all of the college students to hold their phones. Fateh takes a few medicine. He thinks Tejo might be calling me. Jasmin receives Satti’s name. She disconnects. He says speak, perhaps its imp. She says not anything imp, I will speak later, I simply need to speak to you now. She hugs him.

Aman asks college students to get back. Tejo receives a name. She says its from my own circle of relatives. Aman says I don’t need everyone else, I need to speak to Fateh, name him. Khushbeer, Gurpreet and Nimmo depart for the college. Nimmo calls Amrik. She asks what, Amrik isn’t on the academy. Tejo says don’t scare the scholars, allow them to pass. Aman says name them. She receives Buzo’s name. She says he’s Fateh’s first-class buddy, allow me speak, he’ll tell Fateh. Aman says speak to him, placed on speaker. She solutions name. Simran asks are you fine, who’s this man, are you fine. Buzo says don’t worry, uncle spoke to DIG, police pressure is coming. Aman says mute the name, did you message him. She says I don’t recognise. He says inform him, nobody might be alive if police comes. Tejo says name Fateh, ask uncle now no longer to get the police, do as I say. The name ends. Jasmin massages Fateh’s hair and asks shall I open a salon. Fateh says I will name Tejo once. Jasmin says you’re simply speakme of Tejo, can’t you simply speak to me. He says I had a combat with her, deliver my telecellsmartphone, allow me name. Tejo says Aman, you aren’t doing right. Aman says close up, else I will kill everyone. Fateh assessments Tejo’s 20 neglected calls. He says everyone’s neglected calls are there. He assessments the video. He says he’s Aman. He receives taken aback.

He runs to his vehicle. Jasmin asks what happened, wherein are you going. The vehicle doesn’t start. He leaves the auto and runs. He falls down. He shouts Tejo and runs. Aman says I will meet your husband, he has switched off telecellsmartphone, whilst you are in problem here. Fateh calls Tejo. Aman takes the name. Fateh says I m coming, not anything will occur to you. Aman says you’ll recognise me. Fateh says I will kill you if something occurs to Tejo. Aman says your spouse is at gunpoint. Fateh says don’t do something to her, I m coming. Aman says come soon. Tejo says don’t come, this man is mad. Aman says in case you don’t come, then I will kill her. Fateh runs at the road.

Satti and Rupy are at the way. Jasmin asks what happened. She lies. Satti asks didn’t you notice the video. Jasmin hears Rupy telling approximately Tejo. Jasmin sees the video. She receives taken aback. She additionally runs. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to force fast. Everyone is at the way. Fateh remembers Tejo’s words.

Precap: Aman tells Tejo whilst her husband doesn’t care, then why must he? He tells her to get equipped to die. He pulls the cause and shoots. Fateh is strolling toward the class. He reaches the study room and is taken aback seeing Tejo on floor.