The Episode begins offevolved with Dada ji and Mahi asking Gurpreet now no longer to name Fateh and Tejo, don’t disturb them. Mahi says Tejo become positive, now Fateh additionally were given the signs and symptoms of love. Fateh and Tejo run to a few place. A birthday birthday celebration goes on there. Fateh and Tejo join. They dance. Amrik says Tejo had long past to fulfill Gippy, Fateh went to choose her, he couldn’t manage seeing Jasmin and Gippy, so he took his spouse out today. Mahi says he has fallen in love with Tejo. He says I recognise, Fateh can in no way love absolutely everyone else than Jasmin. Jasmin calls Fateh and Tejo. She worries. Fateh receives identified as a boxer. The female praises him. Tejo smiles.

They get non-alcoholic drinks. They drink. Tejo says its so tasty, thank you guys. The female asks newly weds, love marriage, right. Tejo symptoms and symptoms no. Fateh says of course, yes. They laugh.

The female asks their love tale. The man asks become it love in the beginning sight, however it doesn’t manifest in actual life. They all ask approximately their love tale. Tejo says inform them now. Fateh says you’re a terrific tale teller, you inform them. Tejo says okay, I m a lecturer, I train in college, I will let you know my love tale today. She narrates a faux tale, whilst she become stricken through the goons at the manner to her college, then Fateh got here using a horse and stored her. Fateh smiles. In her tale visuals, Tejo falls withinside the grimy mud. Fateh comes and makes the goons run away. He offers his hand and takes her at the horse. They leave. He throws her withinside the water to smooth the dirt. They have an eyelock. She says he stored me and guarded me, I didn’t recognise I will fall in love with him one day.

Fateh says now no longer bad. The female says that is referred to as love in the beginning sight. Another female asks Fateh did it manifest with him additionally. He says no, however I progressively fell in love with her. The female asks what passed off then, relationship or direct marriage. Tejo says no, my marriage become constant somewhere. The man asks did you run farfar from the house.

Fateh says no, my coronary heart become damaged that day, I cried a lot, I felt I misplaced everything, our tale become one of a kind than Heer and Ranjha, my Heer is solid, she in no way misplaced, after I in no way confessed to her, even then she knew I love her, Lord had tied our coronary heart strings, we couldn’t stay with out every other, if we didn’t meet, my Heer didn’t get scared, she left the wedding mandap and got here to me. He visualizes Tejo coming to him and hugging him. Tejo says we’re now collectively for lots births. The man says however each love tale has a villain. The female says there might be any villain for your love tale. Fateh thinks of Jasmin. Read More……