She gets Tejo’s call. She says I m simply coming. Fateh requests that she go. Jasmin says bye, meet me in men’s segment. She goes. Tejo requests that she show the dress. Jasmin says it wasn’t so good, what did you purchase. Tejo says nothing unique. Jasmin says I will purchase a shirt for Gippy and come. Tejo says I will go to washroom. Jasmin pulls Fateh’s hand. He says its not right, Tejo can come, there are cameras here. She says there are no cameras in preliminary room, come. They attend a court date room. He asks what’s happening with you.

She says I can hardly imagine how we are meeting subtly, its so invigorating. Tejo searches for her. Fateh says this can’t go for long, your marriage… Jasmin inquires as to for what reason do you talk about my marriage. He says its reality. She says I will break the marriage. He says don’t do anything incorrectly. She says you stress a ton for me, I guarantee I will do nothing incorrectly.

He says I would prefer not to lose you. Tejo attends the court date room. She sees somebody embracing. She opens the entryway. Fateh converses with Jasmin accessible if the need arises. Tejo says Fateh is occupied, he perhaps on porch. Fateh says I love you. Tejo comes there.