She reviews Fateh and her minutes. Tejo and Fateh see the moon. Fateh says I missed you a great deal. Tejo grins and says me as well. He says truly. She says yes. He says I will likewise rest here. Tejo says no, I will meet you for lunch, go. He says I will rest here and take you to school in the first part of the day. She requests that he go. He sees Jasmin and goes. Tejo misleads rest and grins. Jasmin reviews Fateh’s words. She thinks you have become my determination currently, see what I do. It’s morning, Fateh is coming.

He converses with the mentor. He sees Jasmin coming. He says how could she come, she comes anyplace. Jasmin converses with Sweety accessible as needs are. Fateh gets aside. He sees his bicycle and goes towards it. He thinks I realize she came here deliberately, in the event that she does a show… She sees him and strolls past. She grins. He goes to see her. She covers up and sees him. He searches for her.

Jasmin asks Mami for what good reason she doesn’t return to Mama. She says she isn’t going anyplace. She realizes that Jasmin is tricking Gippy, she would not like to wed him. She is simply utilizing him to go nearer to Fateh. Afterward, Jasmin gets back home. Tejo requests that she come in and she then, at that point heads off to some place. Fateh comes and holds Jasmin’s hand.