Scene starts with Preesha sneaks into Khurana house to meet Saaransh. She sees him crying sitting in the corner. He begins to cry seriously seeing her. She inquires as to why he is crying this way. He shows Balraj’s dead body to her. She stuns seeing that and pondered who did that. She checks his heartbeat and calls Rudraksh and Sharda. Hearing her yell Ahana and Mishka comes there. Ahana asks how she came inside. Mishka shows Balraj to Ahana. Mahima comes there and asks what Preesha doing here now and stuns seeing Balraj.

Yuvraj awakens and ponders where Preesha went. He says he ought not stress over her since he isn’t her genuine spouse and her genuine guardians dozing calmly. He wakes them. Gopal chastens him for upsetting their rest and doesn’t allow Yuvraj to talk.

Yuvraj says then they will look through Preesha tomorrow. Sharda stops him and asks what occurred. Yuvraj says Preesha isn’t in the house. Gopal says Preesha would have went to meet Saaransh and was going to call her. Yuvraj says she didn’t took her portable with her. They chooses to go to Khurana house.

Ahana advises Mishka to call rescue vehicle. Preesha says Balraj isn’t alive. Mahima cries and asks who did that. She asks what Preesha doing here and charges her for Balraj’s homicide. Preesha asks what is she saying. Mahima calls Security monitor.

Preesha inquires as to why she will execute Balraj. Mahima chastens Security monitor for letting Preesha inside Khurana chateau. Safety officer says he is certain that Preesha didn’t go into the house through fundamental door. Mahima says Preesha had issue with her however why she murdered Balraj. Ahana asks how could Preesha do this with Balraj.

Saaransh says Preesha didn’t kill Balraj yet another person did and he saw that. He cries embracing Preesha. Mahima and Ahana asks him who killed Balraj. Preesha says she came to meet Saaransh and he was crying when she went into the house and says they has call the Police. Mishka calls the Police.

Sharda awakens and ponders where Balraj went. She gets amazed seeing Preesha and asks what is she doing here right now. She stuns seeing Balraj and asks what befell him and attempts to wake him and advises them to call the Doctor. Ahana says Balraj isn’t alive. Sharda slaps her for saying that way and says he will get up and advises Preesha to accomplish something. She cries embracing Preesha and blacks out.

Preesha’s folks and Yuvraj arrives at Khurana manor and stuns seeing Balraj. Gopal asks how it occurred. Preesha comforts Saaransh. Staff illuminates Preesha about her parent’s appearance. Mahima inquires as to why they came here. Preesha says she didn’t educate them that she came to meet Saaransh. Mahima and Preesha comes ground floor. Preesha asks Police assessor that did he discover anything. Police auditor says they didn’t got murder weapon. Preesha mentions to him what all she saw. He says he needs to examine Saaransh to know reality.

Precap – Saaransh says Rudraksh killed Balraj.