The Episode begins with Malhar requesting that the women revile Kalyani so seriously that whatever his sister Swara had endured, will come in her offer as well. She says she will endure a similar way like my sister. Kalyani hears him. Malhar inquires as to for what reason is she gazing at him and inquires as to whether she is vexed as he circulated all the apportion to poor people.

Kalyani says it is acceptable deed to disperse apportion to poor people. She says she will arrange proportion now and calls the apportion shop, yet the dealer wouldn’t send any conveyance kid with the apportion. Kalyani says driver haven’t come. Malhar says I have sent him and tells that he asked the apportion fellow not to send them proportion. He shows her Swara’s journal and says they used to send her barefooted to get all the proportion. Kalyani makes a miserable face. Malhar says I won’t soften down

seeing your face. Kalyani figures how she will go now, as she needs to instruct Moksh. She comes to Mukku and shows her Blue,yellow… indicating the things. Anupriya comes there and offers to show her or bring the stuff. Kalyani says no, she will bring proportion later in the wake of showing her, yet until further notice, she has requested food from outside. Anupriya says alright. They get the smell of food. Kalyani checks the message and says your food has been conveyed. She goes out and sees Malhar eating the food. Malhar says you requested nourishment for everybody, it is acceptable and completes his food. He says outside food isn’t useful for all and places water in the food. He asks Kalyani not to show brilliance and bring the proportion/basic food item from the staple shop.

Kalyani takes Mukku with her to the staple shop and purchases the stuff. She asks Mukku to modify while they are returning. Mukku amends. Kalyani and Mukku get back. Later Kalyani does Mukku’s aarti. Mukku/Moksh requests Kalyani’s gifts for his triumph. Anupriya and Kalyani favor him. Moksh says he has a decent setting with God and gets two Aais. Anupriya does Kalyani’s aarti and says you have won the fight as well, you have finished Malhar’s assignment and furthermore Mukku’s examinations. Kalyani trusts that Mukku passes in the test.

Sarthak comes to take Mukku’s meeting. Mukku sits on the opposite side of the table. Sarthak requests that her beginning. Avni takes a gander at Mukku and considers Kalyani and Anupriya’s mystery. Kalyani says in the event that Kaka gets dazzled, at that point he will concur for self-teaching. She says I will show her myself. Sarthak yells Kalyani and tells that she didn’t pick up anything and is singing tune. Kalyani checks the inquiry paper and says Mukku knows all the appropriate responses, I have instructed her.

She says this is simple and inquires as to for what reason are you not saying anything. She inquires as to whether you are frightened of Kaka and requests that her respond to her. She requests her to tell the shading from Tomato? Mukku is quiet. Kalyani gets some information about lemon tone? She inquires as to for what reason would you say you are not saying anything? She approaches A for… B for… and says I have shown you A B C D. Sarthak says did you pick up anything? Mukku says I didn’t get the hang of anything. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason would you say you are stating this? She says you have addressed me effectively and asks what befell you now. Avni comes there. Sarthak says Avni was correct, I was moronic to imagine that Kalyani will educate her. He says he will asks Malhar to keep Kalyani from Mukku. He says he has chosen to get her conceded in second sexually transmitted disease. Kalyani asks how Mukku will adapt up, she didn’t concentrate even nursery. Sarthak says Avni will show her at home and asks Kalyani not to meddle. He asks Mukku to go. Avni figures Mukku will open her mouth and uncover to her about Anupriya and Kalyani’s mystery.

Kalyani is sitting external the house and thinks Mukku had concentrated well, at that point for what reason did she lie? Anupriya comes there and asks what was the deal? Kalyani says don’t have the foggiest idea why Mukku wouldn’t reply and said that she didn’t examine. Anupriya says she may be frightened of Mukku. Avni comes there and asks where is Mukku? She says in the event that she don’t get Mukku, at that point she will grumble to Kaka. Kalyani goes to the room and discovers Mukku under the bed. Mukku asks how could you discover me? Kalyani says I am your Aai. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you say? Mukku tells that she heard Avni advising that when Kalyani’s supervisor comes to realize that she is instructing at home, at that point she will lose her employment. Sarthak says it isn’t my concern. Fb closes. Mukku says in the event that you lose your employment, at that point how we will have food without cash. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason did you disparaged your Aai and says no one can cause me to lose the employment. Mukku says I misconstrued. Malhar comes there and says so you are stowing away here. He asks Mukku to accompany him, and says Avni is hanging tight for you. They keep their hand on Mukku’s head so she don’t get injured. They get free from the bed. Malhar sends Mukku to go to Avni and study. Kalyani thinks to cause him to comprehend. Malhar shuts the entryway.

Precap: Malhar asking Kalyani to keep in touch with her desire on the clear paper and vows to satisfy her desire.

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Air Date: 08 December 2020

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