Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th March 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Atharv says your Aayi is distraught and how will you respond in the event that she slaps you. Kskysni enters saying quit dirtying kids heart and she embraces Moksh and expressions of remorse to him for her conduct at police headquarters and takes him to her room. Kalyani awakens in center of night and sees her leg is tied up, she thinks to will not upset Pillu and Malhar, She follows the rope and sees that the opposite end is tied up with a woman’s leg. She gets frightened seeing Sampada Kheer.

Kalyani runs out and advises to Anupriya that she saw the Sampada in a room. Anupriya says it’s your deception and she takes her to that room. Kalyani advises to Anupriya that Sampada is gone however trust me I saw Sampada when she is having Kheer and even tied up rope from my leg is absent. Anupriya gets strained and leaves the live with Kalyani.


Anupriya meets Pandit and says I will have a hard time believing these spirits yet dread in Kalyani eyes are genuine in addition to Kheer bowl is vacant. Pandit says their is risk for Kalyani life , I will give Raksha so make her wear it so soul can’t go close to her. Malhar requests that Kalyani have medications. Kalyanii takes medication and requests that he trust her that she saw Sampada the previous evening. Moksh comes to them and cheerfully embraces Kalyani and asks when they are wanting to satisfy his desire to have sister or sibling. Malhar requests that he ask Bappa.


Atharv requests that Aaosaheb read the letter he got in post. Aaosaheb discloses to him that his previous cases are resuming. Atharv gets stunned saying how might it occur. Sarthak and Anupriya says it’s occurring and we may get evidences against you. Atharv leaves saying they will not get anything. Aaosaheb inquires as to whether they get evidence. Anupriya says he us frightened and in this dread she may treat some terribly things and I will not let him snach our Moksh.

Anupriya gradually goes to Kalyani while pondering Pandit words and asks how’s she. Kalyani sats I’m fine however frightened contemplating Atharv. Anupriya says we will deal with Atharv. Malhar calls Kalyani to room and reveals to her that he eliminated all Sampada sarees and shows him the new sarees he purchased for her. Kalyani embraces him saying she needs him close to her no blessings. Malhar embraces her truism same goes with him than he gets call from Pawar and goes to station. Soul again enters to Kalyani.


Anupriya requests that Pandit send Kavach for Kalyani and petitions Bappa for Kalyani wellbeing. Moksh requests that Kalyani play animation in her telephone. Had Kalyani says we host to orchestrate shock birthday gathering for somebody. Moksh asks whose birthday. Kalyani says you will know at night. At night Godavari asks whose birthday she going to celebrate. Kalyani requests that she recall. Godavari goes to Anupriya and discloses to her that Kalyani is organizing somebody’s birthday in latrine and they sends Malhar to Kalyani saying perhaps it’s fir him. Read More……..


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