Peruse Episode Full Written Updates: Tujhse Hai Raabta fourth December 2020 Written Update Starts With Kalyani uncovers to Anupriya that she will stop the Doctor who needs to give data about Moksh to Malhar. Mukku endeavors to move away yet Sarthak demands that her take in English and French from Avni. Mukku grasps Anupriya. Sarthak takes Anupriya with him saying don’t annoyed them. Avni locks the portal and presses Mukku while quieting down and says your Bade Dad will struggle accepting whether or not you let him know so to escape from me reveal what’s your Aifi and Anupriya is stowing ceaselessly from everyone. Mukku thinks trust she won’t consider our game.

Kalyani encourages to Doctor that kid is irreproachable and that is incident so sympathetically don’t perceive that kid before Malhar ji, regardless, the fair adolescent must have to deal with the control. The specialists talk police will pick it, as a reliable inhabitant I ought to instruct it and as a DM you need to make me confess all. Kalyani says I’m Mom too, won’t you endeavor to save your kid if he is in this youngster place. Expert demands that her leave saying he will do what he feels right. Mukku says I will show these engravings to Aifi and reveal to her how you tortured me. Avni applies salve to patch her engravings and says Now Everyone will accepts you’re misdirecting escape from me so tell the truth with me. Mukku escape while showering deo in Avni eyes and she conceals in truck outside their home. Avni can’t see her. Beat start. Mukku figures where this Tempo may taking me.

The specialist stops a comparative beat for help to fix his level. Cadence men comes out anyway they bargain expert to give his things to escape from them and they endeavors to take gold from Doctor. Mukku comes out from beat and helps Doctor by hitting law breakers with stones and extras Doctor and plays police alert sound in Doctor flexible. Criminals gets stressed and leaves in their beat. Expert offers thanks toward Mukku for help and asks what’s she doing inside Tempo. Mukku says I hided in that beat and it’s started moving. The specialists talk nothing will happen and I will drop you once repairman fixed my vehicle than he goes to Malhar call saying he is heading off to their home.

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