Malhar and Anupriya thank Utara. Utara tells that she has many youngsters sufferers who make imaginary buddies and stay of their very own world, however…Malhar asks what? Utara says Moksh signs are like different youngsters, however they don’t get violent. She asks him to reveal Moksh to a few trial psychiatrist and says she can be able to proportion the doctors’ numbers. Malhar asks her to deal with him being a psychiatrist herself. She says good enough and asks them to maintain a watch on Moksh. She says I will leave. She goes out and sees Abhimanyu’s percent. She seems revengeful and sees Moksh’s photoframe. She says Kalyani’s destruction will begin together along with her son and says she can be able to kill every body one through one, much like she killed her Abhimanyu. Anupriya calls her. Utara says she is set to go, however stopped seeing Moksh’s percent. She talks sweetly with Anupriya, however seems angrily at her. She is set to offer her injection to kill her, while Kalyani comes there and says surprise. She drops the injection. Kalyani comes interior and says she were given busy in work. Anupriya introduces Utara to Kalyani. Utara says I heard a lot approximately you. Kalyani seems on the injection and alternatives it. She asks from in which you heard approximately me? Utara says newspaper. Kalyani asks if Kaka is fine? Anupriya says yes. Kalyani hears Moksh shouting and runs to room. Moksh throws the matters and asks them to leave. Kalyani asks what happened? Utara smiles. Moksh throws vase on Kalyani. Malhar asks if she is fine. Moksh hears ghungroo sound and receives hypnotizes. Utara wears the ghungroo bracelet. Kalyani is greatly surprised to peer Moksh hugging her. Utara asks him to relax and asks if he’s fine? She symptoms and symptoms Malhar. Malhar offers her purse. Utara offers injection to Moksh and asks him to sleep. Moksh doesn’t react and does as informed through her. Kalyani tells Malhar that if Pillu stated that Gungun is here, then she is here. Malhar says if there may be a few lady here, then wouldn’t we’ve got seen. Kalyani says I consider my son fully, my son in no way lies. She asks Malhar to consider his son instead of calling the physician. Malhar says your hassle is that Moksh were given silent listening to the physician and didn’t pay attention to you. Kalyani says do you watched that my ego is greater critical than my son’s health. She says she has no hassle that Moksh is taking note of a physician, however she has hassle that he isn’t knowledge his son and her. She is going from there. Utara thinks that is the begin, I will separate you from all of your own circle of relatives members, seems revengeful.

Utara talks to Abhimanyu’s percent and says she can be able to take revenge for his loss of life and maligned reputation. She tells that nowadays Anupriya were given saved, however her husband won’t be saved. She is set to try and kill Malhar with an axe.